dimecres, 10 de febrer del 2010


“Today it was my first time in the library. It’s really nice. No, I was in the main floor actually. The Swedes are crazy, when finally it is shiny they close the curtains. The one in my home University is really big and nice. It used to be a water deposit for the fountains of a big park that is right next to it. We have the Zoo really close as well. No, we don’t smell the animals from the University, just sometimes when we walk to it. From time to time you can hear the elephants as well. Have you heard about “Floquet de neu”?”Copito de nieve”? Well, the translation would be something like little piece of snow. It was a unique gorilla because he was the only white one. He died a few years a go, it was a shock for the city, well at least for me. I also remember a killer whale called Ulises that used to live in our Zoo as well. They moved it to San Diego sometime in the nineties and it is still there, they call it Samu now though. It was so impacting when they took it out of the swimming pool in Barcelona’s Zoo. I think they did it by helicopter or a small plain. No I haven’t heard about that bear in Berlin’s Zoo. Shit, that’s such a dramatic story. Well, my dog is turning twelve this year.”

“It was a nice walk, despite the cold. I really look forward to fishing in the lake in spring. Really? You get bored just in an hour? I can’t imagine how Björnkulla looks like with all the grass that the snow is covering right now. Ok, I want to see those pictures. Oh, the Nordic Museum looks like a haunted castle now that it is cloudy again. Great, the bus is coming in one minute.”

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